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WebsiteGear Directory Listing



WebsiteGear Business Directory listing is a great way to promote your product or service directly to a focused audience. For a flat fee, your product or service will be listed for an entire calendar year.

Pricing - $99 per year per listing

Each listing in WebsiteGear Business Directory will be charged a recurring fee of US $99 per year. A company may submit as many products or services as it feels appropriate for a listing. However, each such listing will be charged at $99 per year. There are no charges if your submission is rejected by our editors.

The annual listing fee is waived if the company provides the product or service for free (free-trial versions or ad-supported free services do not qualify). For an example, an open source product will qualify for the annual fee waiver.


Qualification Requirements

To qualify for a listing in the WebsiteGear Directory, your company must meet and accept all of the following conditions. Please check the box next to each item to indicate that you understand and accept each condition below.
My company offers a product or service in the categories listed in the WebsiteGear Directory (the categories can be found in the left navigation menu).
My company is a registered business in the country where it operates (no personal websites or services are permitted).
I am an employee or a representative of the company and I am authorized to submit the company's product or service to this directory.
I have an official email address which contains the domain name of the company that I will submit (official email address is required).
The company site is in the English language (or has an English language version available).
I understand that if my company's service or product is added to the WebsiteGear Directory, my credit card will be billed annually for the listing fee.
I understand that WebsiteGear reserves the right to edit my suggestion and category placement. Addition of my company's listings will be done at WebsiteGear's sole discrection.