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Check Burst Media - BURST! Media is one of the premier advertising networks in the industry for speciality content web publishers. It delivers more than 2-3 billion impressions every month and has over 2,000 web publishers in its network of websites. Founded in 1995, BURST! has survived the downturn in the internet advertisement industry primarily because of the niche speciality targeted market that it caters to. The advertisers can choose from more than 20 content and audience channels and 477 sub-channels, for contextual targeting of their advertisments. BurstMedia uses its proprietory AdDesktop technology to deliver the ad creatives to the publishing websites.
Check Tribal Fusion - Founded in January 2001, Tribal Fusion is among the top 5 advertising networks according to comScore Media Metrix. It delivers more than 20 billion ad impressions every month and reaches about 128 million unique U.S. internet users (comScore Ad Focus Ranking).
Check Google AdWords - During the summer of 2003, Google introduced a new ad delivery mechanism for website publishers (both large and small) known as Google AdSense. Earlier Google AdWords ads were only available for publishers with more than 20 million impressions per month. AdSense can now cater to small niche website publishers by bringing in content targeted advertisements to their websites.
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