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The Planet Dedicated Hosting
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The Planet Internet Services, Inc.
835 Greens Parkway
Suite 150
Houston, Texas 77067
Phone: 713-400-5400
Fax: 713-942-8621
The Planet Internet Services Inc. (The Planet) is the second largest web hosting provider in the U.S. and the largest privately held dedicated hosting provider, second to IBM. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, The Planet hosts more than 40,000 servers in multiple data centers in Houston and Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

The present company is a result of the merger of two companies - the original "The Planet" and it's primary competitor "EV1Servers". The merger of these two companies in 2006 provided the scale for it to become the second largest web hosting provider in the world.

In addition to managed and unmanaged dedicated web hosting, The Planet also provides other web hosting products such as data storage, domain registration, SSL certificates, load balancing options, and hardware security infrastructure. In short, The Planet has become a one-stop shop for any business requiring web hosting and data center needs.
Company Type Private
Established 1999
Revenue $50 Million
Employees > 500
Customers > 20,000
The present company is a result of the merger of two companies - the original "The Planet" and it's primary competitor "EV1Servers". Both these companies - The Planet and Ev1servers were well known in the web hosting industry from late 1990s, when they started providing affordable self-managed dedicated hosting servers for startups and small businesses. Their pricing often started below $100 per month while the well known dedicated web hosting providers such as Verio and Rackspace were charging 10 times these prices.

The cheaper pricing made dedicated web hosting very affordable for small entrepreneurs to launch their web startups and the demand for these low cost servers grew. The demand saw more players joining the race to get a piece of this market segment.

The Planet and EV1Servers were the 2 major key players in this segment, and competed head to head against each other in pricing and value for the money. Both of these companies had a similar business model with competing product offerings, and customers valued the network uptime, hardware and customer support from both these companies to be comparable.

In mid 2006, the investment group GI Partners purchased controlling interests in both The Planet and EV1Servers and decided to merge the two companies. GI Partners is a well known investment firm focusing in data center and internet services sector. It had acquired multiple data centers during the downturn of the telecom sector and oversupply of the web hosting sector during 2002-2004. GI Partners' decision to combine these two companies made true sense, and the new company was formed with the management team from both The Planet and EV1Servers.